Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Friday, Friday!

Wooooo, it's been a while since I've blogged. Life of a college student is busy, what can I say?

The past few weeks have been a lot of fun, but at the same time quite stressful between my midterm papers and readings and doing things for CKI.

On Oct 1, a group of us went down to Texas Tech for our CKI Fall Rally. My group went to an animal shelter for volunteer for a few hours. There was a sweet puppy begging me to bring her home:

And the next day we all got together to make some more baked goods for a Kiwanis Banquet where we were serving food that Monday:

We also made some Linus Blankets for Evelyn Rivers, a charity that gives Christmas boxes full of goodies, coats, hats, and blankets to those who need them.

Last week was Homecoming Week! I wouldn't necessarily classify myself as being "spirited", but I did find the maroon tutus on all the buffaloes outside Old Main pretty cute:

On Saturday morning a group of CKIers helped marshal the parade. I've never done it before but those of us that had said it was way more organized this year than last year. It was way colder than we expected, though.

Will actually ran in the Homecoming 5k and got 3rd in his age division!

After we were done with the parade, I realized this would be our last Homecoming unless we made a special trip up here, which I can't see us doing for a LONG time. You see, our town has "Fair on the Square" every 4th of July and every Homecoming. Fair on the Square is where a ton of vendors set up booths around our old town square and sell everything from fair corndogs to knock-off purses to hand-made crafts. It's really cool, but since we grew up around it we haven't really gone in several years. When I realized this would be our last in a while, I asked Will to go with me. We took Dawson and walked around for a while before leaving. It was fun and made me reminisce about childhood- we actually used to live across the street from the square, so we could just walk up and enjoy the parade and Fair on the Square.

Dawson wanted a hotdog:

What a cute kid!

That night we had a tailgate planned with one of the fratternities, but they ended up not bringing a grill. No worries, we loaded everyone/thing up into the beds of two trucks and took them all home and just grilled there. Boomer and Sheba had a fun time with everyone.

On Sunday Will and I took Dawson and my other brother Daniel to church and on a few errands afterwards, including the pumpkin patch!

And, just 'cause they're cute:

Boomer has gotten so spoiled since we started letting him sleep with us. We were worried he would hike his leg on everything, but so far we've only had one accident.

When I get off work today, we're going to the gym and then I think I'm hanging out with my bestie Brandy. Tomorrow Will decided to kill my dreams of sleeping in past 8 am and signed up for another 5k, then I'm going to work with a pet savers group to work with animals for a few hours, THEN I get to go usher for a symphony for a fundraiser for CKI. Church and homework will await me Sunday.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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