Sunday, December 2, 2012

Megan's Bridal Shower

My beautiful sister-in-law is getting married at the end of this month, so last month Will and I had the honor of hosting her bridal shower with a few other lovely ladies.

I started planning this back in the summer- just getting some ideas together for a theme. I didn't want it to be an over-the-top theme, but I definitely wanted it to have something to tie it all together. With Megan's help, I eventually chose a "linen and lace" theme. Before they chose their wedding site, a lot of Megan's pins on Pinterest were inspired by rustic, outdoor weddings with lots of natural elements and burlap and those kinds of things. Once they decided on a venue, she realized a lot of those previous ideas she liked wouldn't fit with the more elegant decor of the venue. So I thought pulling some of the things I knew she liked would be a great way to make the shower feel very "Megan."

I designed the invites in Power Point (I know, I am awesome ;) ) and had them printed from Vista Print with a coupon. BTW, I've used Vista Print for numerous things (including our wedding invites), and I am always pleased with the quality for the price you pay. As a bonus, there is almost always a coupon code out.

Will and I went a little crazy cleaning the house for this event. I know that no one would be looking at my floors and the curtains and the blinds, but honestly those big things hadn't been done since we moved in last March, and it was time. We were just glad it coincided with a big event so that it would feel like all our hard work was worth it.

I didn't have a chance to snap a ton of great photos of all the decor and of the event, but I think overall the shower was a great success. The day was really all about Megan and her future with Brent, and I think that was accomplished :)

All the food was in the dining room.
(and sheesh, it's about time we paint and get some artwork in that room!)

For the food table, I used a white table cloth with a lace curtain I got at a thrift store a few years ago over it to tie in the "lace" part of the theme. I "made" a table runner out of some linen fabric from Hobby Lobby. The candles in the center are sitting on a plain piece of wood that I sprayed ORB.

Petit Fours are one of Megan's favorites, so I asked her grandmother to get some for the shower. 

The little chalkboard signs were made from some small wood signs I've had for a few years. I almost got rid of them this summer since I never used them, but then I remembered this shower and decided to save them. I sprayed them with ORB and painted the top with chalkboard paint. Unfortunately, I decided to use a new chalkboard marker on all the chalkboards in my house that day, and when I went to clean up the marker would not completely come off! These little signs are ruined (unless I want to sand them down and repaint). My big chalkboard in the kitchen faired a little better, but if you look at it the right way you can still see "Congrats Megan and Brent!"

Will and Megan's grandmother helped me get a lot of the food together. She made these awesome croissants- some were chicken salad (one of Megan's favorites) and the others were pimento cheese.

Will made these mini pumpkin bread cupcakes for me.

We also had a cream cheese/raspberry perserve dish and sausage balls.

The entry table- guests were supposed to grab a tag and write their "key" to a good marriage/relationship and sign it instead of signing a guest book. No one did it, but my great MIL saved the day and made it into a kind of game and passed it out to everyone before we ate.

I'm sad I didn't take an actual picture of these favors. I found a big box of assorted holiday teas at Marshalls a few weeks before and grabbed that, knowing we wanted to have a lot of tea to serve since Megan is really into tea. Since there was so much, I figured it would make a good favor for everyone. I found small pockets made out of brown craft paper at Michael's and got some washi tape (also from Michael's) to put on the front of each pocket. I labeled each with the kind of tea that was inside.

One of the other hosts

I cannot wait until the big day!

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