Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break

My, my. I looked down and suddenly it's spring break. And we're already over half-way through that, to boot! Obviously, life as a teacher is taking its fair share of time for me this semester. Yep, I am a bona-fide, certified teacher at a wonderful high school not too far from our house. It's still a bit overwhelming to me to think that I am THE adult who is IN CHARGE of approximately 120 high school students throughout the day.

As crazy as it is at times, I know now more than ever that this is what I meant to do, and I am so happy to finally be in the development stage of my career. Here's a peek at my classroom:

I made a book wreath for my door- no mistaking this for a science classroom!

Objectives board

This Twitter wall has strips of laminated paper that the kids can write on. This day I had asked them to use their favorite vocabulary word in an original sentence. 

Quote board- one of the students asked to write this one 

This was a project we did while reading Night- each student received a poem that was written by a child during the Holocaust and had to create a butterfly representing that child. 
 Other happenings in our lives-
Lucy is growing like a weed. Seriously. She has this massive belly that swings while she walks, and she's barely 6 months old! I think the next time we buy food, this little lady is getting some weight control help.

We repainted our bedroom! We loved and still love the dark blue walls we previously had, but because the walls were so dark we had to have a light-colored bedspread. Ours was white, and it got stained from the dogs jumping on it with muddy feet after a few months of having it. We got a duvet cover from Ikea that was nice, but after we washed it once it shrunk really badly. So we were on the hunt for a new bedspread and found one we really liked, but we knew it wouldn't work with the dark walls. Enter:

Yeah, we pretty much went with white. But it's not just white white, it's a beautiful, slightly creamy, warm white that has made our bedroom feel so much more peaceful.

Primer on Friday evening and two coats of paint on Saturday and we knocked this project out in two days!

Ta-da! These are crummy I-phone photos, but you get the jist. We also recovered the headboard with a gray sheet from Target since the old design definitely would not have worked with the new bedspread.

We threw up some old curtains we had in our apartment, but they'll have to go as soon as we can find some new ones that match the new chair we just got from World Market. We also installed new blinds, a slow project we've been tackling in all rooms of the house. We actually installed two separate blinds in this window. Because the window is so large, we would have had to custom order blinds that would have been way out of our budget. I thought two different sets would bother me, but after living with it for a few weeks it's not a big deal.

 And obviously these four approve of the new renovations.

And finally, in other news, my mother-in-law is here! She and my father-in-law have been on the job and house hunt down here, and she landed an awesome job in the same system she currently works for, which is great since she's so close to retirement. She's staying here in a temporary living situation until their old house sells and they can get a new one down here. They have a contract on their house in Canyon to sell and they're putting a contract in on a house down here this afternoon, so we're crossing our fingers that everything works out.

Other than that, not a ton of stuff has been happening around here.

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