Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Honduras Day Four

I've collected some short stories from the other team members to share with you today.

First up is Ernie, who went with the group to help feed the kids in the street today.
Today I experienced God working during the feeding of the children. We ran out of food and saw a child smiling, ready for his daily meal and then turned away because there was no more food.  For me to see the sadness and the disappointment in this one child sadden me.  I firmly believe it was God in the child. I hope and pray that God was able to provide this child something to eat."

From Leanne: 
"Today Sheri, Leah, Jenn, Caden and I went and painted the house which will be presented to the family Friday. The family who will be living there currently lives next store and as we were painting Daniel, who is 3, kept peeking around the corner and watching us. Occasionally we would catch a smile.  About 20 minutes before we left the mother came out and told us there are 4 children, Daniel and 3 other boys. She was very grateful and had a lovely smile. He ended up getting paint on him and wanted to show Jenn every spot. It was very sweet.
The home is very small for a family of 6, but the view is spectacular. The home overlooks mountains and took my breath away. 
Today I faced my fear of heights by standing on a ladder over the top of a cliff to paint the top.  I knew that God was there and was safe.  This family doesnt have a lot, but the love I saw on their faces was priceless."     

From Krissy: 
"Today I went to the womens class in la colonia de Berlin.  We shared our bible lesson with the women about how much God loves them, talked to them about how they are a treasure of God.  We sang some worship songs and loved on them, hugged on them.  We also laid hands on the ladies who were sick or who had prayer requests.  It was very powerful and spirit led." 

And from Abby: 
Today I helped with the kids' crafts in the morning. The kids were learning about pride and how we have to lay it down. We gave the kids pieces of cardstock, traced their hands, and then had them draw pictures of five things they could pray for, like their parents, siblings, the church, Honduras, or the world. The kids love the opportunity to get creative, but sometimes they like the opportunity to get their picture taken just as much! 

In the afternoon I joined Shelly and two other ladies from our group to go into Tegucigalpa and buy the furnishing for the house that was finished today. I am so excited for the house dedication on Friday when the family will finally receive the blessing they have been waiting on for so long. 
Wednesday has become a day of fasting from lunch at Hope for Honduras. Instead of eating, the staff comes together to worship and find the presence of God and pray for the foundation. I think a few of us, including myself, weren't too sure about the whole fasting thing at first. Just before the normal lunch time, several of us mentioned that we were hungry. But as Krissy played her guitar and allowed the Holy Spirit to move us into the secret place, we were filled with the nourishment of Christ. We were reminded that He and He alone is sufficient for us; our flesh is weak but we can find solace in the presence of the King. When we emerged from lunch time, we were full to the brim and had no problem going until dinner. 

It is amazing what a simple act such as fasting does for the spirit, especially when it is done purposefully and with a group of like-minded brothers and sisters. Not only were we reminded of how weak we are without Him, we were given a teeny tiny glimpse into the life of many of the people in Mogote, who are hungry on a regular basis. 

The Lord orchestrated the fast to fall on today, the first day that our team ran out of food while feeding the children in the streets. For many of these children, this is the only meal they will receive all day, so when Mario had to tell children, "No mas comida," our group was slapped in the face with the harsh reality that so many have to face. We were reminded that God is the provider of all things and without him, we can do nothing- we have nothing. 

Until tomorrow-

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