Monday, July 18, 2011

Crazy Beautiful Time

One day last week I kept track of (almost) everything I did during the day. It was a pretty typical representation of what my summer has been like :)
7:45 Wake up- I pretty much throw on a t-shirt and shorts, brush my teeth, and put in my contacts before heading "to work", or downstairs

8:00 Dishes- one of the first things I usually do during the morning is unload/load the dishwasher with the bottles from the previous night
Got some beans soaking so I would have them to eat on for the rest of the week.

8:05 Feed- the girls usually wake up and want to eat any time between 7 and 9 a.m. If Dusty hasn't "gone to work" yet (he works from home), he usually helps me feed them in the morning. Sometimes, if they aren't screaming too badly I do it alone.
Let's eat!

9:05 Done- it takes about an hour to change diapers, feed, burp, rock, and cuddle the two of them so they'll go back to sleep.
9:08 Brylee- looses her pacifier. This usually happens constantly throughout the day.
9:38 Brooklyn- wakes up. She is pretty easy to lull back to sleep when you give her back her pacifier. Sometimes I put her in the swing and she always goes right to sleep.
12:50 Brooklyn- she is usually the first to wake up hungry at feeding time. I try to hold which ever one wakes up first for a little while to make sure she's hungry before waking the other to eat.
Feed me!

1:00 Brylee- wakes up hungry too, so I change them both and get the bottles ready. Their parents have a king size bed so I prop them up on a huge boppy and feed them both at the same time. Sometimes one gets to lay on my lap. Two or three times a week I give them baths after this feeding.
We've watched a lot of Martha this summer while eating.

They usually get 'mat time' after their noon and 3/4 pm bottles.

I usually change about 8 diapers a day.

I usually put one in my lap and one next to me on the Boppy and use one had for each.

We looove bath time (but only if we're not hungry).

2:05 Back to sleep- the afternoon is my chore time. I usually finish doing dishes, wipe down the counters, do their laundry (about once a week), etc.
2 online classes this summer

2:40 Done with chores- time to get back to my online class/ blogs/ Facebook/ CKI duties.
3:47 Brooklyn looses paci
3:52 Brooklyn looses paci
4:00 Feeding time for Brooklyn
4:30 Will comes home. I didn't wake up Brylee because Will likes to spend a little time with them when he gets home. He feeds Brylee.

6:00 Brooklyn goes to sleep
6:20 Jessica get home. When she comes home and the girls are still awake I try to continue watching them long enough for her to change and pump if she needs to. She takes over after that.

Our evenings have varied quite a bit. At the beginning of the summer the four of us usually ate dinner together, but since the 4th of July things have been a bit more hectic, so we usually eat at separate times. After Will and I eat, do dishes, and go on our run we usually settle in our room to watch True Blood/ blog/ play WOW/ watch House Hunters. Though my day is fairly busy with the girls, the summer has been pretty low-key as a whole, just the way I like it.
He made deelicious fried rice for dinner
Woop! We ran 1.5 mi straight!
Foam rollers are the. best. thing. Ever.

After my little rant last week about getting back into shape, I am proud to announce that Will and I ran four times last week. On Tuesday Megan came over and we did a total of 2.5 miles and ran about 1.5 in different spurts. Wednesday Will and I ran by ourselves. We went much slower than the day before but we did 1.5 miles running all together, then walked back for a total of about 2.5. Thursday we went to Pearland and ran with Megan again. I have no idea how far it was, but the point was that we did something good for ourselves. My shins were bothering me at the end so I iced them all the way home and they seemed to be better the next day. Our last run of the week was Saturday morning in some drizzling rain. I rolled my ankle almost halfway through, so we ended up walking all the way back. I am really proud of us for sticking to it and getting outside, but it's so hard to keep my chin up when I look at how out of shape we are as compared to this time last year. I keep telling myself that it took longer than a day to get to where we are and it's going to take longer than a day to get back to where we were.
Other exciting things from last week:
We had a date night on Friday. We ate at the Olive Garden (their pizza is the best!) and then went and saw the last Harry Potter movie at the dine-in theater (we had dessert). I never read the books and I'm not sure that I've seen all the movies, so the fact that it is over didn't break my heart too badly. Not gonna lie though, the movie made me wish I understood more of what was happening. I tried to ask Will a few times during the movie but he just ignored me :) I have to admit, I really enjoyed the movie.

Saturday we went on our run in the morning then came back and relaxed at the house. Around noon we made the drive out to Galveston to meet Megan and her boyfriend for lunch and an afternoon at the beach. While waiting on Megan and Brent to look at some apartments (Brent is hopefully starting school there in the fall) Will and I killed some time on The Strand. We had no idea it existed, but it's basically a historic city center with a lot of shops. It felt like a pretty tourist-y area with all the shops selling the same things, but it was fun to explore an area we'd never been to. We didn't buy anything, although this cat planter was tempting as a Christmas gift for Will's mom.
Over lunch we debated going to the beach because it was cloudy and it looked like it was going to rain. We ended up meeting some of Megan's friends at their house walked to the beach. By the time we got there the clouds had cleared up and it was perfect. I wasn't expecting it to be much fun because Will had always spoken poorly of Galveston, but it was actually better than South Padre (were we went for our honeymoon), and it was fun to be there with friends. We stayed for the afternoon and went home around 6 pm.

That evening we got a text from Megan saying she and Brent had cancelled their evening plans because Meme was horribly sick. She had gotten sick earlier in the week and the medication she was taking was making her nauseous and just all around yucky. Will drove over to stay with Meme so Megan and Brent could go out since they hardly ever get to see each other.
Sunday morning we had planned on going to church with Megan and Brent but we got a text message saying they had taken Meme to the emergency room at 5:30 that morning. Will immediately went to the hospital, where they had admitted her. Apparently her infection had spread and was making her really ill, but nothing life-threatening. When Will came home we went over to her house to get it picked up and Will mowed the yard so that when she comes home in the next day or two she doesn't have to worry about anything. We stopped by HEB on the way back to our house and picked up some flowers and a book for her. At home Will got cleaned up and I made some chocolate chip cookies for Meme and anyone staying with her at the hospital. We were at the hospital until around 8 pm.

It was a crazy busy weekend, and next weekend will be no different. My family reunion is in Amarillo and I'm in charge of it. Better call the caterer and make sure everything is in line!

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