Wednesday, July 9, 2014

3 Weeks Old

Time is a funny thing with a newborn. The nights seem to stretch on forever between feedings and diapers and lullabies to try and go back to sleep, only to wake up an hour and a half later to do it all over again. But the days are flying by at an alarming rate. Even though we're definitely experiencing some normal newborn woes (nap strikes! nursing difficulties! cluster feeding for 12 hours at a time!), I'm caught between wishing Jonah would stay my newborn forever and looking forward to all the learning and growing he has yet to do.

I think most people fall into one of two categories: baby lovers or kid lovers. That's not to say that kid lovers don't like babies or visa versa, but in general, I think people either look forward to the baby stage more or the kid stage more. While I can't wait for Jonah to be my little sidekick, I also panic a little every Saturday when he turns another week old. I LOVE having a teeny tiny baby.

I love his little grunts and squeaks.

I love his expressions.

I love when he explores his body. During week three he was really into making bubbles and sticking out his tongue.

I love his soft little feet and tiny little toes. I love watching him flex his toes. I love that he's starting to rub his feet over my arms while he nurses.

I love that he already loves me. I love that he's not a fussy baby and only cries when he's hungry (which is all the time).

I love that he seems to remember doing Crossfit in Mommy's belly. Some babies are swayers or rockers, but Jonah's a bouncer. Sometimes the only way to make him happy is to sit on my yoga ball and bounce, shush, and pat his back. I joke that it reminds him of doing double unders.

I love that he still curls his legs up like a little frog. When I was pregnant with him we called Jonah our little tadpole because we didn't want to call him an "it" before we knew his gender. The fact that he curls his legs up like this makes me smile, like our name somehow predicted how he would act.

Other notes from week 3:

  • He's started grunting and moaning in satisfaction or frustration while nursing
  • We had a few days of difficult nursing this week. Jonah would latch for a few minutes and then pull out and scream, and then go back on. 
  • Started cluster feeding for about six hours straight in the evenings. This makes for one tired momma. 

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