Friday, July 11, 2014

4 Weeks Old

One more to get caught up...

Week four was a bit of a doozy. You were still cluster feeding ALL evening long and then weren't sleeping worth anything during the night. In fact, two nights in a row you only slept three hours total. And naps. You had a good one on Monday morning, but other than that, forget about them.

 Yeah, you're totally wearing the same outfit as he was for last week's photos. Oops.

But then one night you slept for five and a half hours, so there's that.

You've started grasping my finger when I put it in your hand.

We've started taking walks in the K'tan (the only place I can get you to sleep these days), but we can't do it very consistently because it is SO hot here. And the mosquitos are about to be out in full force, so we'll have to figure out something else for our walks.

We took you to small group on Monday. That's the first time Mom and Dad have been on six weeks or so, so it was nice to see everyone again. Everyone is totally smitten with you.

We also heard your first hint of a baby coo. I can't wait until you can start communicating with me in a way other than crying.

On Monday we went to the birth center for your newborn hearing screening. It was great to see all the midwives again; they were quite impressed with your hair. Unfortunately, we have to go back in two weeks to redo your hearing test because they couldn't get an accurate reading. You are sometimes quite the noisy eater and you chose today to show everyone your skills! Hopefully you'll be quieter next time so we don't have to do the alternative test.

On Tuesday during our new moms' group, one of the lactation consultants told me it was time for you to start having tummy time to work on your head control. I couldn't believe that you are old enough for that, it seems like you just came home from the hospital! But we started working on it and you have already made huge progress on holding up your head.

 You assume a very serious position while eating. We call this your "do not disturb" pose. You LOVE having your hands up by your face. If we try to swaddle you with your hands down or across your chest you scream until we let them loose.

Thursday was the Fourth of July. You are the only one who ended up in something red, white, or blue. Mom and Dad were tired. Some friends came over and we grilled for dinner.

I was not prepared for how awake you'd be. I thought newborns ate, slept, and pooped. But you are awake so much!

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