Friday, August 19, 2011

Yesterday, I went to gym after work, just like any other day. I walked into a locker room full of wet children Apparently they had just come in from the pool and they had no idea what a towel was. And they filled every bathroom stall, so I had to wait to change (no way do I change out in the open with everyone. Awk.ward.) So finally a stall gets free and I have to change while holding on the door for fear of slipping and falling into the toilet because the floor is so wet. I'm sure it would have been a comical sight.

Anyway, as I was putting on my shoes, I was trying to decide what I wanted to do: elliptical or treadmill. I decided it was time to run since the last time I was at the gym I did the elliptical. Plus, I kind of hate running outside here because my route is basically a slow descent of a hill, then a loooong, painful ascent of hell a hill. By the time I'm done with the loop, I think I could probably lay on the floor for half an hour, which sucks because in Houston two miles was our turn around point, and after that we probably ran another 1-1.5 miles with a lot of walking breaks.

So I got on a treadmill, set the incline to 1.0, plugged my headphones on to HGTV, and decided my goal was a 5k.

I got to 2 miles and had to hop off to go to the restroom, but after that I kept running. No walking breaks. Every time I wanted to stop, I asked myself "are you just bored? Can you really not give any more?" And the answer was always "no." So I ran 3.5 miles.

It was awesome.
I felt so awesome. Like, on top of the world awesome. I just wanted to text Will and Megan, but I forgot my phone so I had to wait until I got back to the car. I understand runners high, now. I want to do that again. 3.5 miles is a drop in the bucket for some people, but I haven't run that far in over a year. I realize treadmill running isn't exactly outdoor running, but that's ok with me. I set the incline up a little to help even out the differences. And right now, it's just too hot outside to run until 8:30 or 8:45, and it gets dark pretty soon afterwards. It's not a safety thing as in "I'm afraid someone will kidnap me" because our town/ neighborhood is completely safe. It's more of a safety issue because there are so many hills and winding curves that people sometimes don't slow down and may run over me with their car. And since I usually run with my music, I can't always hear the cars behind me.

The one bad thing about the run was that I decided to wear my running skirt and the shorts underneath kept riding up, making my legs chafe. It sucked. Like, I almost stopped running several times because that hurt so bad. I have the Mission Skincare Anti-Chafe cream stuff, but I forgot to bring it to the gym. Plus there's only so much some cream can do when you've got thighs that like to rub each other. So after I went home to shower I went to Target with the mission of getting some running tights.
I ended up getting what are technically yoga capris, because I don't like that the actually running tights are so thin. I feel like I "bounce" a little to much in them. Plus, the yoga capris aren't quite as form fitting and are therefore a little more flattering, which is a plus in my book. Some other goodies from the sale rack may or may not have found their way into my arms as well.

Annd in other boring news, my MIL is awesome. I really lucked out in the "in-laws" department. They are so supportive of me and treat just like one of their own kids. I got to spend the evening with my MIL yesterday, and it was so nice to just be able to talk about anything and everything. We see each other really often (because, um, I'm living with them), but those times when we actually sit down to talk are so nice.

Around 9 pm Brandy came over and we picked a recipe from Pinterest to make. I freakin' love Pinterest. I've turned everyone I know onto it. We decided to make these:

Holy Yum. I restrained myself and only ate 2. Or maybe it was 3.

Are you on Pinterest? Find any good recipes lately?

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