Friday, September 9, 2011


This week was our first Circle K International meeting of the year. Circle K in the collegiate version of Kiwanis, and I've been in the "family" since Key Club in high school. I'll do a post later about what exactly it is, but essentially it's a service and leadership organization.

Here are some pictures from the meeting:

John, our Kiwanis Advisor

Lauren, our International Rep for Sub-Region D (or something like that). She took minutes for us.

 Since I'm the president, I volunteered to be in charge of snacks for the first week. I made fruit salsa with cinnamon tortilla chips and homemade(ish) pizza rolls. They both turned out really well.

 Not a super good picture, but there were peaches, kiwis, bananas, and fuji apple with some orange marmalade. Yum.

 After the meeting we were all supposed to go rock climbing, but everyone else either went home or couldn't climb for some reason. So Will and I were the only ones who did it.

 I did a little rock climbing when I was in elementary school, but haven't since then. They put me on the "easy" side of the wall, but there was a point that it was physically impossible for me to go further because I couldn't reach the next handle. Bummer.

 This is about the same point Will go stuck, too. Here he was trying to jump up and grab the next handle, but it just wasn't meant for those of us who are vertically challenged.

 We might could have made the jump, but I hung out too long trying to figure out what I was going to do so my arms were pretty much dead by the time I decided to jump/throw my body up there. I couldn't make it, so I ended up just swinging by my harness. Will tried to jump too but he had just finished working out, so he didn't have a whole lot left to give, either. Maybe we'll try it another time.
Our spectators.

Have you ever rock climbed? Has  your height ever made something especially difficult for you?

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