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Our Story, Part 3

I forgot to add these to my last post; they're from summer 2008:

 This was at our 4th of July parade. Look how young Dawson looks!

My third year of high school was actually my senior year since I graduated early. I made that choice after I realized that when Will graduated he would be a full two years ahead of me in college, thus making future marriage/jobs/living situations kind of hard.

This was taken that fall when our Kiwanis Governor came to visit Amarillo. I was there as president of Key Club, and Will was there for Circle K.

 This was at the one and only WT football game we've ever been to. Kind of a shame, since we both go there now. I'm just not a huge fan of football, so we never went. I did promise Will we'd go to at least one this fall since it'll basically be our last chance as undergrads.
 My senior homecoming. Once we started dating we didn't really sit with all the other high school kids at our football games. Even though I didn't really care so much about the homecoming thing, I really wanted a mum because I'd never had one, and this was my last chance. He delivered well :)

This was taken right before school started in August by Dawson's preschool teacher when she did her home visit. She wanted a family photo for something they were doing. Daniel isn't pictured....

Christmas 2008, their last in that house.

I think this picture was taken January 28th, 2009. I know that because it was taken while I was near Dallas at a weekend leadership retreat with Key Club. Hours after this picture was taken, I was getting into bed when I turned on my cell phone and saw several texts from Will. "Call me." "Call me now." "House is on fire."

That night, his house burned. They never determined the exact cause, but it was caused by some kind of electrical problem. No one was hurt, but their three cats inside all perished.

It was a night that forever changed their (and my) lives. It was a really dark period for him and his family, but true to His word, God has really brought them through it and they are a much stronger family now than they were before.

I flew home on the first plane I could get on the next day. I came home to see this:

Before I lost all my pictures, I had some of the back that really showed the full extent of the damage. It was catastrophic. Almost the entire back side of the house was gone.

These were taken later that spring:

 This is almost the exact spot where Will proposed a year later.

I think this must have been my induction into NHS, so technically it was in the fall.

 Another Key Club event.

 Key Club bake sale. It got so cold and started raining- my granddad came and bought the last loaf of bread so I could leave. Cause I was the only one there. Life of a President.

 March of Dimes 5k walk. Will joined us and brought Boomer.

Will's End of Year Circle K banquet. We (Key Club) came to support them.
 I won the Daughter's of the American Revolution Award thing. My mom came with me and pinned me at the award ceremony. I'm still a little confused as to what it exactly means, but I know my history teacher nominated me.

 I had to build a hover craft for my physic's class with a group, and Will basically designed ours (since his group's hadn't worked so well when he did it.) It was seriously the best in the class. Worked really well.

 Dawson really liked it.

And then that March Will went to Zambia with Readership WT (yet another post). The night before he left, I noticed a really bad rash thing on his toes. Since the water in Zambia isn't exactly sanitary, I was worried about it getting on his broken skin so I told his mom, who sent us to the nearby clinic to consult the doctor on call. I took this picture in the waiting room. Turns out, it was just another really dry skin patch on him and he was fine. Better safe than sorry.

Prom 2009

Superintendent Scholars that spring.

 District Convention for yet, Key Club. Spring.
I won a $2,000 scholarship thanks to my awesome interview skills.

And then I graduated!

That summer, Will went to Houston for an internship at Johnson Space Center.

 I visited him for a few days, and he took my to Galveston for dinner on the beach. We took some pictures afterwards.

 Then he took me on site for a tour and to show me where he was working. When he officially starts working there next summer he will be in that same office.

 This was our family reunion. Dawson wasn't too excited about having pictures taken.

                                                       And my second cousin got married.

I had my wisdom teeth taken out a few days before this picture was taken (hence my puffy cheeks). Will came home from Houston that weekend to see me. This picture was taken inside the frame of their new house (built where their old one stood).

This was taken in August, right before classes started.  

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