Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Story, Part 2

So we left off in 2008. Here are some more pictures from that fall and spring, when Will graduated from high school.

These first ones were at our Key Club District Convention in April 2008. Will was Governor of the "Mighty T-O District" his senior year (after moving up from being club president then the Lt. Governor for our Division). I know that means absolutely nothing to most people, but it really is a big deal. Key Club International is the largest high school organization in the world, and they focus on leadership and service. They are the high school version of Circle K and Kiwanis, and again, I'll do a complete post on all that later. 

This was his Governor's Reception, a dinner hosted really for him and for him to recognize the progress they made over the year. Usually it's just the district board and staff, along with the regionals (adults who look over each LTG), some other important adults in organization, and the Governor's parents. Will got special permission for me to come. I felt like such a trophy wife. And yeah, I was 16 years old. I realize the fact that we, and especially I, were so stinkin' young (and still are, for that matter). But we knew after only dating for a few months that we weren't just the typical high school couple.
 This was after I attended the forum he taught for presidents.

 This was Will, me, and the other high school in our district. They were a way more intense club than we were, but I think we had more fun and were a bit more honest with our reports.

 This was the last night's Award Banquet dinner.

 I still love that dress, but there's no way I'd fit into now. I got it on sale for like $12.

About a month later was prom. I wore a beautiful brown dress from David's Bridal with a gorgeous broach on the back sash. I remember shopping for this dress; I had it narrowed down between this one and and a slinky silver one I thought was sexy. In the end, my mom really wanted me to get this one, and I'm so glad I listened to her. Even though I was a size 0/2, I've always been really curvy and this brown dress really flattered my figure.

This was actually our second prom (my sophomore year). I don't have any digital pictures of our first prom since I lost them when my computer died last year, but hopefully I'll be able to find some printed ones and scan them in.

And then Will graduated!

 This is a really funny picture- he was giving me the beer to put out on the sidewalk so it would warm up quickly. I was making beer bread for his party, but it had to be at room temp and his mom forgot to take it out of the fridge earlier that day.
 I was making something with his aunt.

 Handsome graduate!

That summer I went to England as part of a high school study abroad program here.
It started when my then-stepdad signed me up for their newsletters because I think he really wanted me to go to college there. Anyway, while my mom and I were getting out the decorations for Christmas, I opened a letter from the mail they had sent to me about their high school study abroad programs. I read and told my mom about it, but joked about how I would never do that. But luckily for me, she thought it would be a fantastic opportunity and convinced me to apply. Long story short, it eventually got paid for and I went.
I flew by myself for the first time to Detroit, where I met the rest of our group. It was really nerve-racking because I didn't know anyone and I was really intimidated by how smart all the other students seemed. I made really good friends with a few of the other girls (we still keep in contact via Facebook!) and we had a blast.

We stayed on campus in Michigan for two days before flying to London. We stayed in Warwick for about half the time and traveled around to all the important places (like Stratford-Upon-Avon and a lot of other places I can't think of right now) and then went back to London for the last half. It was an incredible trip that really defined who I am. It was on that trip that I decided I wanted to become a high school English teacher, and that it was ok to really love literature and grammar.

Shakespeare's Birth House

Hmm, some church in Oxford where we went for Sunday service. It was a really beautiful experience. And their choir. Oh, their choir.

A really important museum.

The lake and wooded area around C.S. Lewis' house.

Covent Gardens

The Hampton Court gardens

The Globe Theater!!!!!! We got there early, so we were able to be right up against the stage, which is a must for shorties like us.
West Minister Abbey

Warwick Castle

Oxford. We actually got to eat dinner there on night. Fun Fact: I believe this courtyard is also in a scene from an earlier HP movie.
These posts are turning out to be not just "our story", but also kind of a cursory history about my high school years. Someday soon I really want to write down all of these stories that I have floating around in my head, but for now blogging it will have to suffice. Stay tuned for Part 3!

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