Thursday, May 17, 2012

And Then He Was a College Grad

Will graduated last Saturday with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering!

Four long years of late night studying, frustration with group members on group projects, hours and hours of homework, and an immense amount of dedication have all led up to this.

I don't have the pictures from the actual ceremony (I used my MIL's camera, which is in Costa Rica with her for the week), but here I did manage to snap some pictures during the weekend with my camera.

Someone took some epic naps. But hey, I say everyone deserves some down time in the days following the completion of a college degree :)

I had a some-what specific look I was going for: classy maroon and white. Will had one request: "none of that Congrats/ 2012 stuff." Works for me- I happen to think it's kind of tacky (at least for college graduations). I made these tissue paper pom poms for above the table, flanking the sides of the "Congrats" banner (I decided it didn't count as the tacky stuff since it was homemade), and hanging in front of the entryway.

All finished.

From the other side.

I hung the "Congrats" banner from the pendent lights above the bar where we put the desserts and used mini clothes pins to attach the letters to some plain craft ribbon. I bought the letters and scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and painted the letters black.

The entryway made the perfect place to put the table for drinks. My in-laws have curtains hung over the entryway to provide some privacy since there are windows on each side of the glass door, and to help with glare on the TV (AND it helps with heating/cooling), so my sister in law suggested I hang some pom poms from the curtain rod. I was really happy she suggested it- it really tied the whole look together.

We had tea and lemonade, and Will's aunt arranged these pretty grocery store flowers beautifully! The custom Scentsy was a gift from one of Will's former bosses from his on-campus job. She decorated the Scentsy with WT logos and our mascot.

Back to dessert bar- I wanted to make sure Will had everything he wanted for his weekend, and he requested no-bake cookies, sock-it-to-me cake, and buffalo cookies from our school caterer. We actually ended up making three batches of no-bake cookies because someone doesn't think recipes are important and/or just can't follow them (even though he is a literal rocket scientist... oh yeah, he's starting work for NASA in June), and he didn't boil the cookies for the required one minute. The first two batches didn't set, which ended up being fine because I scooped it all into a bowel to put in the fridge and I ate on it for several days. The third batch was a little dry, but at least they set.

These buffalo cookies are served at almost every campus event (and since Will and I were/are student workers we attend a lot of campus events), and Will absolutely loves them. They're not bad, but they're not anything to write home about either. But will really wanted them, so his mom graciously ordered three dozen to have at his party.

Family picture time!

His aunt and grandmother, who came down for the weekend. They were awesome with helping us get everything pulled together!

I really wanted a good "family" picture, but these two were not cooperating. I made Scarlett a little bow and Boomer a bow tie from some maroon ribbon. We put Scarlett in the back yard after these pictures and when she came in again her bow was in one long string behind behind her. Oh well.

Will's sister was also there, but she was inside talking to some friends she hadn't seen since Christmas. I didn't realize until after she left that we didn't get any pictures with her.

My family. P.S. Isn't my brother a giant compared to all of us? I think he's officially the tallest in our family, except for my cousin's husband (but he married into the family, so his height doesn't count).

These two have been friends for years and years. They used to have a lawn-mowing company together.

And these two are getting married on Saturday. Aren't they adorable?

My granddad

Thanks for the awkward hand placement, mom :)

And finally, it's present time! Will had told me back before Christmas about a watch he wanted (well, before that he told me he wanted a watch by Movato. After seeing the price, I told him we might talk about it for when he graduates with his Ph.D. but there was no way he would get it for his undergrad). So the second watch he told me about was half the price and I really wanted to get it for him. The only problem was, there was no way I could have bought it without him know, and I really wanted it to be a surprise. He takes care of all our banking throughout the year for the trade-off of me doing taxes (I don't think he's figured out how easy taxes are haha), so I knew he would notice if I bought the watch. So starting in January, I starting taking $20, $30, sometimes $50 out of every paycheck we got. Sometimes he noticed and sometimes he didn't, but if he did I just told him not to worry about it. I gave the cash to his mom, who kept it hidden for me until I was ready to buy the watch. I was sure he would realize what I was doing, but he said he was truly surprised. He was convinced that I was getting him some stuff for his bike.

Surprise! I even took the watch out of it's box and wrapped in some tissue paper and put that in a big box with a heavy book to keep the surprise until the last moment.

A very serious discussion of how when we were going to get it fit to his wrist.

Overall, it was a great weekend. We were surrounded by friends and family, and hubs is officially done with his undergrad. We're still waiting to hear back to see if he got accepted into grad school for the fall, but we're not too worried about it right now. Will is leaving on Sunday to go to Houston permanently (holy cow, where did time go?), and I'm 1/3 of the way finished with my May Intercession course. Everything is moving along, but I still cannot wait to have a few weeks off and go to Houston.

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