Monday, May 21, 2012

A Wedding and Moving

Happy Monday!

I had hoped I would sleep well last night since I had the bed to myself for the first time in a while, but alas, sleep was fitful again. I've been sleeping particularly badly since the week of finals, and I am really ready to have a few good nights in a row.

Due to my lack of a restful night, coffee was required to make it through my Literary Criticism class. I was doing okay in the first half of the class using my usual concoction of a ton of water, mint gum, and taking a quick break in the middle, but by the time we took our class break at 10:30 I knew coffee was necessary. I have a love/hate relationship with coffee- love because it always works to perk me up instantly, but hate because it tastes so bad and I'm afraid to get addicted. I stopped drinking all cokes in junior when I started playing tennis, and only have a few a year now, so I am really sensitive to caffeine. Usually when I need a little help waking up I drink some Tazo Awake tea, but it just doesn't work quite as well as coffee. I only take it when I know I won't be able to be respectfully awake for something because I know I can and will become addicted quickly, and then the effect will wear off.

But enough about coffee, let's talk about the gorgeous wedding we attended on Saturday! Two of our friends got married in a beautiful ceremony that took place in one of their friend's backyards, and it was honestly the most perfect wedding I've attended. I went to brunch in Amarillo with the bridal party , and since Will was a groomsman and I knew the bride well enough to hang out and do the last-minute running around for her, we both went out to the ranch around 1 pm. The ceremony was supposed to start at 6 pm, but the groom's grandmother got a little lost so it was delayed for about thirty minutes, but that was the only thing that went "wrong." An outdoor wedding in the Panhandle in May is such a risk because of the 10,398 things that could go wrong (including but not limited to: hurricane-force winds, rain, snow, tornadoes, 105 degree heat, flash floods, etc.), but God must have smiled down upon the happy couple because the weather could not have been more perfect. It rained last week at the perfect time to help the grass green up and fill the pond, and the everything just came together.

Afterwards, the reception was held at a place called Starlight Canyon, and it too was beautiful. The food was actually really good and the DJ did a great job. Will and I enjoyed hanging out and seeing some old friends from high school that had come back to town for the summer. We stuck around until the very end and enjoyed one last dance to Coldplay's "Yellow," and then sent the bride and groom off.

Sunday dawned early when I woke up at 6:05 sweating up a storm (seriously, how can I be cold one night and dying of heat the next?), which was actually lucky because Will's alarm was supposed to go off at 6.

We finished packing the car and he took a quick shower, then he was off with all our fur babies.

Just add dogs:

The other side

Still had to add his bike.

 See ya in 27 days!

Freska's carrier went up front on top of the pillow.

They were gone before 7 a.m. and made it home (it feels weird calling our house in Houston "home") around 6. Will said they all did pretty well on the drive, but Boomer freaked out when they drove off and realized I wasn't with them. The pups took turns riding in Will's lap and in the kennel. Will unzipped Freska's carrier but she chose to stay put :)

Even though we've done the long-distance thing many times now, it feels so different this time around. Knowing that Will is at our home without me feels very strange, especially because he took all the pets. Usually they stayed with me (I guess I kind of know how he felt, but I think it's always different to be the one who gets to "go" and the one who has to "stay").

Hearing him talk about how Freska was hiding behind the couch and how the dogs were running laps around the living room made me feel homesick and lonely. I'm trying to concentrate on things like getting back into the gym (something that definitely fell to the back burner this semester, and it shows!) and reading some books on my Kindle, a luxury that I don't have during the semesters with all my reading for literature classes. Oh, and then there's my Literary Criticism course to read for. It's really interesting, but man is it dense!

Only 26 more days until I get to go down there and spend a few weeks!

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  1. Okay, the wedding sounds AMAZING! I've always wanted an outdoor wedding but am TERRIFIED what could happen with the weather! Ah!

    I hope all is well!


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