Friday, May 18, 2012


Today started off a little later than normal, but not quite as late as I had hoped. Miss Scarlett is generally pretty good in her kennel until we let her out, but she heard some neighborhood cats fighting outside and she wanted to join them.

I didn't have to work today since our building was closed for an active shooter training for the police, so we were able to mow our yards before lunch. We took Scarlett with us to Amarillo when we went to McAllisters (I can't get enough of their spinach artichoke dip!) and ate on the patio. It was such a beautiful day- not too hot or too windy. After lunch we took Scarlett by the vet to check out a couple of concerns we've had that we wanted to have checked out before Will takes them to Houston on Sunday.

Here's what we learned:
  • Scarlett most like has allergies, and we should wait until we get to Houston to see if her crazy night panting goes away. If it doesn't, we should give her some Benadril to see if that helps. 
  • We should put meat tenderizer on her food to make her poo less appealing. Oh yes, she is such a little lady and indulges her "wild side" by eating her poo (and cat poo) if we don't pay super close attention to her. Disgusting. 
  • She does have a little liver stress, so we got some medication that should put back in the right levels within the next thirty days. We need to have her bloodwork done again in June. 
It's a good thing we love this dog so much, because she is quickly becoming as expensive as Freska (who had to have leg surgery a few months after we got her.)

But how could you not love this face?

When we finally got home from the vet, we went to Seth and Jordan's wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. They asked me to take some pictures throughout the evening.

They are getting married in some friends' backyard. How gorgeous is it?

I am so excited about this wedding tomorrow. Seth and Jordan have been such great friends to us- I am  happy they will finally be amongst us "married people."

Seth's parents hosted the rehearsal dinner afterwards, and they did such a great job decorating!

The lights and flags were my favorite part.

Will and his dad.

After the dinner we came home and finished packing Will's car. I can't believe he's leaving in two days!
And with that, we're off to get some rest before another full day tomorrow.

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