Sunday, January 19, 2014

18 Weeks

This was my first week back to school for the semester and the week I told my kids I am pregnant. Their reactions ranged from super-excited to unimpressed, which is about what you'd expect for a fourteen-year-old.

I finally invested in some Gap maternity jeans, which was a really really good decision. I was really hesitant at first because of the price (I don't even pay that much for my normal jeans!), but after dealing with Target's maternity jeans for several weeks I decided it would be worth it. They are both demi-panels, which I didn't think I would like, but so far I've found they stay up better than the full panel-jeans. As of now, I've learned that cheaper tops from places like Old Navy and Target are find, but it's worth spending more on pants.

Weekly Stats: 

Feeling: Pretty well! I wouldn't say energy is abounding but I feel much more rested after having a few weeks off of work.

Craving: Junk food. Sigh. Why is it at this critical time in my life all I want is the super unhealthy stuff?

Baby is the size of a: sweet potato

Workouts: Four days of Crossfit and one good walk with the dogs!

My mother-in-law called Saturday morning to see if we wanted to join her on a trip to the farmers' market; I had just been researching farmers' markets in our area earlier this week, so it was perfect timing. We had a cold front come in for a few days earlier this week, so I was afraid there wouldn't be anything at the markets, but I was pleasantly surprised at the second and third ones we went to.

I came home with some wonderful Romaine, clementines, new potatoes, green beans, and honey from the second place we stopped. I hate that the only times these markets are open are when we're at Crossfit or I'm out of town at a tournament with my debate students.

We've been thinking of some things we can do once the baby gets here to make our lives a little easier, and I think we're going to look into a CSA option so we can have produce delivered to our house.

In other health-related news, I woke Tuesday morning this week knowing that I was going to throw up. I had a little nausea right around weeks six and seven, but never nothing to this extent. I was tempted to call in sick to work, but once I got there I felt a little better. However, then I started wondering if I had food poisoning from going out to the dinner theater the night before and I started to freak myself out a little. All I had heard about food poisoning was that it could be deadly to a fetus and I pretty much convinced myself I had food poisoning. To make matters worse, I didn't feel the baby move for a little over a day, which is strange now.

I was very close to texting my midwife, who made it very clear that I could at any time, but I was still afraid of being *that mom* who freaks out about every little thing. However, this worry starting eating at me in a way it hasn't yet this pregnancy. I know worry is a natural part of parenting and it's inevitable, but so far I haven't had to deal with it. The day I found out I was pregnant the nasty thoughts started creeping up, but God very clearly and firmly told me to stop worrying and enjoy the blessing he has given to us. I have heard his voice with this same message repeatedly over the past few months and I have been very much at peace. But all of the sudden this week, that peace was gone. Or maybe it's better to say that I just couldn't feel it.

Finally, after a few days of feeling unrest, Will sat me down to talk about what was going on. After some prayer and a good nights' sleep, I felt much better the next morning and the baby started kicking again pretty soon after that.

Until next week!

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