Sunday, January 19, 2014

19 Weeks

I am almost caught up on these postings; I don't plan to get behind again!

I hit 19 weeks last Sunday.

Enjoy the terrible iPhone photos.

Stats for the week: 

Feeling: Hip pain on the right side. It's been pretty bad a few times, mainly in the evenings but also a few times at school. It's only on the right side; when it starts hurting I have to limp when I walk. I talked to the midwife about it at my appointment on Tuesday, and she recommended told me to go to the chiropractor and/or get a massage. I mean, if you insist.  There's a chiropractor just down the street from us that has a wellness plan for only $50 a month and you get four adjustments per month with that, so I signed up for the plan yesterday. I can't wait to go on Monday to get some of this pain relieved.

Craving: nothing- I think it's about time to retire this category

Baby is the size of a: mango

Workouts: Only three times of Crossfit this week. I'm officially not doing warmups that require lying on the belly or back (which sometimes means I get to hold the plank for three minutes)

This week we also got to have our second ultrasound! It was so hard to not ask for the baby's gender; I think the ultrasound tech had a really hard time not saying "he" or "she" after she got the money shot. I love getting to see our little one; this time the tadpole (what we've been referring to it as since the first week we knew about it) was moving around quite so much as it was at our twelve-week ultrasound.


I have a tournament this weekend with my kiddos, so Will is going to be in charge of cleaning the house for our gender reveal party on Sunday. We are SO excited to find out if this is a little Mr. or Miss.

Will snapped this photo last night about midnight as I was finishing up some pom-pom garland for the party today.

You know, one good thing (amongst many) about being pregnant is that you never feel like you have to suck it in for photos.

I LOVED how it turned out :)


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