Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's a...


Let's start at the beginning.
We had our halfway-point ultrasound on Wednesday of week 19, but told the tech we didn't want to find out the gender. When she got the money shot she wrote the answer on a sheet of paper, sealed it in an envelope, and I took it to a bakery. I was SO hard not to look, especially when the lady took a quick peek at the paper and handed the envelope back to me.

Originally I wanted to go with a "What will it bee?" theme and decorate in yellow/white/ and grey colors, but when I looked for e-vites with that theme I couldn't find anything. When I went shopping for decorations and found some wrapping paper with multi-colored polka dots. Sold. I found some paper straws and matching napkins at Target and made some bright multi-colored yarn pom pom garlands to hang in the kitchen and living room.

Gender Reveal Chalk Board

Gender Reveal

Baby Names


Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal
One of my favorite party decorations are these super easy tissue poofs. I first made them several years ago for Will's graduation party and they've made an appearance at almost every event since. 

Gender Reveal Cake

I wasn't exactly thrilled that she decorated the cake in pastels, but it was soooo tasty I quickly forgot about it.
Gender Predictions

Gender Reveal Decor

Team Boy
Everyone who thought it was a boy

Team Girl
Everyone who thought it was a girl
 I love this next series of photos. Cake cutting time!

Gender Reveal Cake Cutting

gender reveal cake

At this point I knew it was blue for boy, but Will, being color blind, still had no idea what color it was.

Gender Reveal Cake

Still not sure I'm telling him the truth...

gender reveal cake

Oh my gosh, it's a boy!

Gender Reveal cake
It's a boy!

Gender Reveal predictions

As you can see, we were a pretty divided party!

A huge thank-you to my mother and sister-in-law, without whom I never could have pulled off this party. We are also so thankful for all our friends and family who made the trip over to celebrate this big moment with us. It means so much to know that this little guy already has so many people who love him so much.


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