Sunday, December 22, 2013

14 Weeks

This week finally brought some colder weather to our area, which was a nice change from all the 80-degree days we had been experiencing. I love Houston, but this Panhandle-girl really misses winter weather and snow.

I can still fit into all of my old clothes (I guess that's the good thing about losing weight right before you get pregnant!), but most of my pants are a lot more comfortable using the Bella Band I scored for 40% off at Gap Maternity last week. I find that the amount of "pregnant" I look depends largely on if I'm wearing maternity clothes or my regular clothes. In the picture above I'm wearing all maternity clothes.

Stats from this week: 
Feeling: hungry all the time
Craving: nothing in particular
Baby is the size of a: lemon
Weight Gained: still at one pound, although I would guess more just by looking at me!

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