Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bump Photos, Weeks 5-12

Grow, baby, grow! Since I'm getting such a late start on posting all these pictures, I thought I'd do weeks 5-12 in one post and then try to do one post for each week after that.

Also, I was absolutely not thinking when I started taking these pictures. It's hard to see how much you're growing when you're wearing loose clothing and not framing your belly with your hands. Oh well.

I think weeks 10 and 11 were a bit more bloat than anything else.

I think a lot of moms can agree that for the first few months, while you know you're pregnant, it just doesn't feel like it because you aren't growing much (if at all) and you can't feel the baby move. Seeing this little one swimming around like Michael Phelps brought me to tears.

This picture was taken on Thanksgiving Day. I think I actually look bigger here than I feel sometimes now, even at three weeks later. It's safe to say this was part food baby, part baby baby. Oh, plus it was the first day I wore maternity pants, which definitely make me look more pregnant than when I were my normal pants with the Bella Band.

This week ended with us getting a killer deal on a stroller and pack-n-play at Buy Buy Baby. I agree that that store is really expensive, but sometimes you can score! The pack-n-play was on sale for $100, plus we used a 20% off coupon, plus we got a $25 gift certificate back, bringing the total down to $55. My mother-in-law also got one and gave us the gift card, so we used both the gift cards on our stroller. Will had picked out the stroller several weeks ago, but I was hesitant about the price. However, when we went back this week an associate showed us that it is actually a convertible stroller, which is why it's a little more pricy than some of the others. Since we are wanting several kids fairly close in age, I knew this would be a better investment in the long run. Plus, they were running a special where the second seat came free, which is a $200 value. Though we won't need it for several years, it will be a total money saver when the time comes.

Also, the first week when I found out about the baby, I was SUPER bloated. From that point, I had actually lost four pounds.  Currently, at fifteen weeks, I have gained back one (maybe two, it's hard to say) of those, though my belly is definitely expanding!

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