Saturday, December 28, 2013

16 Weeks

Whew, what a blur this week has been with family coming into to town, Christmas, friends moving to town, and getting everything back to normal after Christmas. I'll post later about our Christmas, but for now, here's a shot of Week 16 of pregnancy.

Not much new happening this week. Honestly, everything else has been so busy that I haven't had a lot of time to think about this little one except for when I feel it moving around in there. I first felt it last week around Thursday evening; I wasn't sure that it was the baby because it really felt like a muscle twitch. However, knowing the approximate location of my uterus and that so many different women explain the movement of the baby feels like different things, I just knew it was the baby. I feel it on a semi-regular basis now, mostly in the evenings. I wish it were a little bit stronger and more frequent, though I know it' s only a matter of time before this little one will be keeping me awake at night moving.

Now that all our company and renters are gone we are excited to get started in the nursery soon. I wish we would be able to find out the gender while I was still on break, but we won't find out until the week after school starts back up for the semester. It seems impossible that we're almost to that 20-week mark. That's half-way through the pregnancy!

Stats for this week:
Feeling: Tired! Does this tired feeling ever end? Everyone promised my energy would come rushing back in the second trimester, but I have yet to see it. Of course, being sick for half a week and hosting Christmas at your house is enough to do it to anyone.
Craving: homemade cheesecake, not the kind from the store
Baby is the size of an: avocado
Workouts: Made it to Crossfit three times this week; I feel much better afterwards than I did last week, probably due to my diligent foam rolling and icing after every session. I am still able to do all moves except for handstands (I was never good at them and don't feel comfortable doing them at this point) and I've been doing step-ups for box jumps since I found out about the baby. I am still doing exercises on my back because my midwife said I was fine to continue laying on my back until I noticed it would make me dizzy or cause my blood pressure to change, signs that my uterus has gotten big enough to restrict blood flow. So far I haven't felt that at all, but I'll ask again next week at my appointment. I think I'm probably about finished with the "Superman" warm up, which requires you to lay on your stomach and arch your back so that your hands are stick out in front of you and your legs lift off the floor. I starting being able to feel my uterus dig into the floor when we did that move this week. I have also noticed that I have to watch when I'm lifting the bar to my chest; my stomach definitely isn't sticking out far enough to cause a modification in form yet, but sometime brush the my stomach when I'm not paying close attention. Eventually I'll have to move to using kettle bells instead of the bar. And I won't lie; I am *kinda* looking forward to the day when my belly doesn't allow me to do burpees anymore. Can I get an amen to that?

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