Monday, July 16, 2012

Master Bedroom Updates

I last showed you how we made our king-size headboard for under $130. Though the room was feeling a lot more complete, it still needed some work (who am I kidding, it STILL needs some work).

We painted the room Plumage by Martha Stewart over spring break and got some new furniture from Ikea. But a lot of things were still missing, namely a chair for Miss Freska (she loves chairs, especially when they're by the window), a bench of some sort for the foot of the bed, real curtains, and artwork.

Here's what the room looked like immediately after we brought in the headboard:

It was okay, but great. Let me name all the things wrong with this: the new lamps I purchased in March are too short, the pillows don't look 'right,' there needs to be something either above the bed or above each lamp (or both). Also, our comforter was being cleaned so that made it look even worse.

I hunted and hunted for lamps. I really like the stacked glass ball lamps from Target, but at $40 a pop not including lamp shades, they were a bit out of our price range. I think I went to our closest TJ Maxx almost every other time I went to Home Depot (which if you follow me on Twitter you know is A LOT of times over the three weeks I was there). Finally the last week I was there I ran in and found these lamps:

They don't really look very big in this photo, but they were actually really tall,  Will approved, and they were only $30 a piece (including the shade). Yes please.

But then, of course, I had to go down to Homegoods to see what treasures they might have for our office and I found some others that were the same height but looked a little more substantial (but for the same price). So of course I bought those and took all four lamps home for Will and me to have a little staging party. Since the scale of the bed and headboard (and even the side tables) is so big, we decided the first lamps were a little wimpy looking, so they went back to the store that evening.

Which left us with

Oh yes, please notice the Euro shams we also found at TJ Maxx. They don't actually have a pillow case on them right now since we'll have to order them, but since all our bedding is white you can't really tell unless you right next to them.

Things are starting to look a lot more complete at this point. I  had two very large silver picture frames we used at our wedding reception that I was planning on hanging behind the lamps. Turns out what is "very large" in every day terms still looks too small when it's put next to a 4 ft headboard and tall lamps on a wall with a high ceiling. I was really disappointed at first because I was hoping to re-purpose what we already had so we didn't have to spend more money, but I finally decided I'd rather things look a little unfinished than plain weird to hold us over while we're waiting for something better.

So I moved the pictures to the corner behind our door when I put a chair from a thrift store that I refinished.

I paid either $12 or $15 for this. It is definitely not my normal style, but I liked that it was low to the ground for Freska (she only has one back leg and jumping high is a bit of a challenge), and I knew some spray paint would make it look a lot better. Plus, when we can afford something nicer for our room this would be great for a guest room so people can sit and tie their shoes.

I sanded it down, sprayed it with a gray primer, and then sprayed it with Rustoleum's Aluminum. It turned out really nicely, I think.

I couldn't find a cushion I liked for it, so for now I folded up a white blanket and put a small white pillow (that has apparently since been demolished but a certain female dog of mine) in it. Freska hasn't really used it yet, but Scarlett has hopped in there a few times.

A non-phone picture of the corner

Moving around the room, you pass the door into our bathroom (that now matches the bedroom!) and then you come to the small wall with our dresser.

Nope, that mirror has still not been hung. It is insanely heave and will involve the location of studs. Plus, I don't think I'm strong enough to help Will hold it up while he's drilling. Sounds like a project for his dad to help him with!

P.S. Do you see the tip of the fans blades? We inherited some really nice fans in this house, but unfortunately they are just not our style. At. All. The fan in this room definitely gives it a more beachy vibe than sophisticated vibe. It's so hard to convince ourselves to replace it, though, since it was obviously an expensive fan and it works really well.


This big white candle was actually the unity candle in our wedding, and both the candle sticks were used as table decorations.

Just on the other side of the dresser is Scarlett's crate.

It's kind of an eye sore, but there's really no where else to put it. Boomer sleeps with us, but Scarlett actually likes to sleep by herself. In the evenings she'll go lay in front of her crate until we let her in so she can go to sleep. She doesn't get to sleep outside of the crate because she'll roam the house (and probably chase Freska), and she  has had accidents inside so we're not taking any chances.

Next is our big window that overlooks the backyard. I absolutely love having a big window in the bedroom (I'm a sucker for natural light). I had temporarily hung some cheap Ikea sheets to act as curtains, but thankfully I found these at TJ Maxx for just $15 for two panels. I got four panels since the window is so wide.

Unfortunately they are way too short (curtains that don't at least skim the floor are one of my biggest pet peeves! They look so cheap and unprofessional, in my opinion.) I didn't have time to add some fabric to the bottom of them, so I think I'll tackle that project the next time I go down.

That chair is so Freska can get up in the window and look outside, her favorite past time.

Which leads us back to the bed

I still want to add some pictures behind the lamps, and I have a DIY starbust mirror about half way finished. I actually started it several months ago up here, but I ran into some issues and need Will to help me saw some parts off. It's one of the smaller projects we didn't get to while I was down there, but I think we'll tackle it soon.

This big wall beside the bed also looks a little bare, but I'm not sure what to put up.

I don't want the room to feel cluttered, but I think something probably needs to go there. If we had kids it would definitely solve the problem, since I'm sure we'd put up some family photos.

So that's about it. We made some minor (and all cheap) changes but I feel like our room is slowly coming together. I can't wait to have another go at in a few months!

P.S. Sorry for some of the horrendous photos on all these posts about our house! I forgot to take my camera to Houston so all the photos taken the first two weeks were taken with my phone. I was able to get my camera when I came back for the night for my friend's baby shower, which is why some are decent quality.

What are some small changes you've made around the house that made a big difference?

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